Istanbul in a Day with Walks of Turkey

With lower than 2 days to spend in Istanbul, I felt overwhelmed with what to placed on my itinerary. There’s a lot to see and do within the metropolis and I wished to see it all! I joined Walks of Turkey for his or her Istanbul in a Day tour, which was simply that- the ENTIRE metropolis

Olu Deniz – Blue Lagoon

One in all my favorite locations on my solo tour was Olu Deniz. Situated on the south western coast of Turkey, it’s a widespread vacation vacation spot for a lot of Brits. Flights to Dalaman Airport are frequent throughout the summer time months and the switch time is roughly simply an hour. Now, I’m not going to

The Hagia Sophia – Istanbul

Istanbul Places : The Hagia Sophia The nostalgic city, steeped in Ottoman and Byzantine history is now a top destination in the world for city breaks but we wanted to be more specific, therefore chose the old church and former mosque of Hagia Sophia. Christian frescoes combined with Islamic calligraphy and some of the most

Pool of Abraham

Pool of Abraham Also known as Balikli Gol, the beauty of the Pool of Abraham is not its size or visual appearance but as the destination where Nimrod supposedly threw Abraham into the fire. Situated in the city of Sanliurfa, a 2-day stay is a perfect insight into conservative Turkey.

Tranquil Uzungol

Tranquil Uzungol Sitting in the Northeast Black sea region, Uzungol is relatively unknown to Westerners but is popular with Arabic tourists. Traditionally, locals collect wood from the nearby forests to build their hotels and houses, situated around the large and peaceful lake.